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Steecon, Inc. is certified to AS9100 Rev. C and has achieved the rare feat of obtaining zero discrepancies during its certification audit process. With the ideology of continual improvement at its core, Steecon, Inc. continues to improve its processes to bring quality product to our customers. We believe each customer and project are unique and manage the pre-production, production and post-production phases to the specific needs of both. Once manufacturing begins, project management processes are employed to track all critical data and milestone dates. Our streamlined process allows us to quickly adapt to any necessary changes in production, output or delivery schedules. Being responsive to our customers is vitally important. We know that issues are going to come up from time to time and it’s how Steecon handles them that separate our company from the competition. Our customers know that they can truly count on us for the support they need.

Vendors are required to review every purchase order for any quality requirements that are flowed down by our customers to Steecon, Inc.

You may download a copy of our current Quality Requirements below.